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Your First Three Dates – Talent Show Style

First Three Dates Talent Show StyleDates can sometimes be compared to an audition or a talent show. If both you need to show your best, make a good impression, and make it to the next ’round’. While talent shows often have several judges, all with different opinions on you, when it comes to dates there is only one judge. So how do you pass the judge and make it to the next round? Here is how to ace your first three dates.

P.S. This article is only meant as a bit of fun with the ‘auditions’ and ‘judge’, but read on as you may find it helpful.


First Audition AKA First Date

The first date is not far from any laboratory experiment. Your partner is still testing waters to see if they can see a potential partner in you. Try not to be nervous, at the first date stage it can go either way. Either you get on well and you move onto the second date, or you realise you’re not compatible and you both move on.

In this first stage, chemistry is tested. If you passed the chemistry test, then you are on to the next level.


Next Level AKA Second Date

Congratulations for passing the initial stage, it is time ton make your conversation deeper and more meaningful. Discuss more on what you have talked about the first date, this will show you date that you are actually listening and interested to the things that they’re saying. The best relationships are built on things you have in common and share experiences, so start talk more about your mutual interests and try and make new experiences with this person. In this next round, perhaps also be a bit ore flirty and mildly affectionate if appropriate.


The Final Stretch AKA Third Date

If you’ve reached the final round, wow, you are in a really good position! You must be in the judge’s good books if you’ve made it to the third date. Third dates mean that you and your date have actually clicked. So take advantage of this, this is the time you reveal more details of your life and be more comfortable around him. I still wouldn’t advise you to rush into anything at this point, but if you both think you connect well enough and want to become an item, then this is up to you. Either way, just let things flow and decide where you want to go from here.

Every date is an opportunity to show your boyfriend or girlfriend material, so have fun and show them what you’re made of!

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