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She’s Said I Love You, Should You?

She said I love u, should I?The early stages of a relationship are where you get to know each other. During these stages, people’s feeling for each other grow at different paces. It is not uncommon for one partner to fall in love with the other before both have had time to develop that feeling of love, so what if your girlfriend tells you she loves you before you feel the same? Today we look at this, as well as what to do if you feel the same…


What You Shouldn’t Do When She Says “I Love You”

There is one thing you shouldn’t do if someone tells you they love you, and that is lie. If you already know that you love her, then let her know this. If you aren’t in love or are not sure how you’re feeling, then it’s best not to say the L word back.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • If you’re in any type of meaningful relationship, you should be honest with your partner. Not to the point where it’s brutal, but honest enough to give it to them straight. Different people reach that point at different times, so if you’re not there yer don’t say it back immediately.
  • Saying you love them back when you don’t gives them false hope. If she’s in love with you and you tell her the same, she will feel your relationship has moved to the next level. This can often lead to them making longer terms plans and feeling more secure in the relationship. This new stage of your relationship may be too much pressure for you, and actually push you away.
  • If you tell your girlfriend you’re in love when you’re not really, this often leads to guilt and confused feelings on your part. This panic can actually lead to you finding it hard to grow these feelings of love in the future.


How To React If You’re In Love Too

If you are in love with her too, then the obvious thing to do would be to tell her this. This is a special time in your relationship, and a sign that you are both on the same page. As time goes on, you may want to remind her of your love for her every now and then, and use this love to help move your relationship forward.

New doors are open when you’re in love, baby talk and living together are natural next stages. This doesn’t have to happen straight away however, and shouldn’t be rushed if you’re not ready.


What Should You Say If You Aren’t In Love Yet?

A lot of people don’t know what to say if their partner tells them they love them but the don’t feel the same. While it’s often not, this is something that should be planned for. You obviously like you’re partner if you’re still with them, but maybe it has just taken you a little while longer to get those feelings for her. In this case, it’s best to be honest.

You can tell her you care for her a lot, but you’re just not at that stage right now. She may feel a bit deflated after that, but ensure her you really do care for her and your feelings for her are growing more all the time. You may want to give her a hug too, and for the next few days show her she is important to you.

Love is a special thing, and shouldn’t be said just for the sake of it. People can fall in love at different stages, so wait until you’re sure of what you feel before you say “I love you”.

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