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How To Tell If A Guy Is Ready For Marriage

Is he read to get married?One question I get asked a lot, is “how do I know if my boyfriend is ready for marriage”? Today we’re going to look at that question, and let you know how to find out if your boyfriend is ready to tie the knot.

Let me get this out of the way now: There are no real tell tell signs that he is ready for marriage. Forget the ‘signs he is ready for marriage‘. It doesn’t matter if he’s left his towel at your house or even if he has said that he wants to get married someday, that doesn’t let you know if he’s ready for marriage right now or not. If you really want to know, you need to do one of the following two things:


Ask Him Directly If He’s Ready For Marriage

If you want to know one way or another if he’s ready for marriage, the best thing to do is ask him. Yes, it really is that simple.

Now I know some girls don’t think it’s their job to propose to a man, but you’re not proposing to him. You’re simply asking his view on a issue, something boyfriends and girlfriends should be able to do.

You wouldn’t want him to feel pressured during this talk however, so by asking a lead up question before, you can make the conversation feel more natural and less pressure filled. Here are a few question you may want to ask:

  1. “What do you think about people getting married?”. Then
  2. “Do you want to get married?”. And finally
  3. “When do you think you’ll be ready?”.

That’s really it, it’s that simple. Based on these responses you’ll know if he ever wants to get married, and if he’s ready for marriage now or not. You haven’t mentioned anything about you two getting married so he shouldn’t feel pressured, but you should now know his view on it.

If however you’re two shy to ask him directly about his stance on tying the knot, you may want to drop hints instead.


Drop Hints On His Views About Marriage

Although asking someone outright is probably the best way to get a straight answer, you may not be able to do this for whatever reason. If you’re nervous about the response, you can always drop hints and see their reaction. Bare in mind however, asking them if they’re ready for marriage directly will often give you a much more clear answer.

Dropping hints like “It would be nice to get married” and then maybe “What do you think?”, can get a guy thinking about his view on a long-term committed relationship with you. Once again you’re not directly asking him to marry you or even saying you want to marry him at any point, you’re just seeing where he’s at by gently prodding.

Other hints you can drop include “It’d be nice to get married one day” and teasing him (After he’s done something nice for you) by saying “You like me, you want to marry me” in a playful voice. You can then take the conversation further if you feel its appropriate (Based on his response), and from there and see how he feels for real.


Is He Ready For Marriage Conclusion

So is he ready for marriage? If you want to know if a guy is ready for marriage, you can only but ask him. Forget trying to work out if actions he takes means he wants to marry you, unless the words come from his mouth, you don’t really know for sure. There are some other things you will want to take into consideration, such as how genuine he appears when he answers the question, and how comfortable he feels around the whole topic of marriage. The important thing is not to pressure an answer out of him, and let him tell you what’s really on his mind.

This means not judging his answer, and accepting what he says (Whether he’s ready or not). After all, even if he’s not ready for marriage now, that doesn’t mean he won’t be down the line, or that he likes you any less. Now you know how to tell if a guy’s ready for marriage, good luck finding out.

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