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How To Deal With Rejection From A Man

How To Deal With Rejection From A ManNo one likes rejection. You think you’ve met the perfect guy, only for him to let you know he doesn’t like you in that way. It feels like the ground is going to swallow you up and everyone’s laughing right? Believe me, I know how you feel.

But how would you feel if getting rejected by a man wasn’t an issue for you? If you could handle rejection without it breaking your stride, that’d be great right? Well you’re in luck, because we show you how to do just that in this article! What’s more, at the end we also show you how to get a loving man, and reduce your chances of rejection in the first place. So make sure you read to the bottom for all the good stuff. 🙂


Why Does Rejection Happen?

Before we look at how best to deal with rejection, it is important to first understand why it happens. If you know why it happens, you’ll more easily be able to accept it, and it won’t effect you as bad. So, why does rejection happen?

Simple, because everyone is different. Everyone has different wants and needs from a relationship, and often aren’t willing to stray that far away from their personal preference.

Just because you like a man, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to like you back. In the same way, just because someone likes you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to like them.

I mean, if a guy that wasn’t your type approached you and showed interest, you would gently let them down right? This is the same for everyone else. So if you get rejected by a guy, it’s only because you aren’t their type. That, or because they already have a partner.

There is nothing wrong with getting rejected, and people usually don’t do it to be horrible. They’re just not the person for you, but you will find someone else.


The Best Ways To Handle Rejection

So, you’ve just approached a guy you’re interested in on some level, and things haven’t gone as planned. Maybe you’ve asked him out and he’s said no, or maybe you’ve tried to get his number and he didn’t want to give it to you. So how do you deal with this rejection? Here are some of the best ways:


With A Smile

My guess is, when you started talking to this man, you had a smile on your face. You were excited to be talking to him, and you may know that a smile helps attract a man. So you’re talking to him and he drops the bomb: He’s not interested! At this stage, it’s important to carry on doing one thing: Keep smiling. While you may not want to, this is important to save face, and to get you realising that rejection is not always a bad thing. It happens. It doesn’t mean that you world is suddenly a worse place to live, it’s just that this one person out of the millions (Or is it billions) of people on this earth aren’t interested in you.

So keep smiling, and move on to stage two.


Remain Calm And Polite

While it’s some people’s natural reaction to lash out at someone if they get rejected, this isn’t an ideal reaction to have. First of all, it isn’t worth it. You don’t even really know this guy, so don’t let him get you in an emotional state. Second of all, you’d be causing a scene. Just because it didn’t work out with this guy, it doesn’t mean you won’t meet someone else in the same environment. But if you make a scene and draw attention, everyone’s going to know what happened. This will make you look more unattractive to other guys, guys that you could have potentially been successful with otherwise.

If you feel yourself boiling up inside, remember that it isn’t personal, and you’re just not right for him. Handle his rejection politely, you don’t need to be horrible and get personal. You can tell him “That’s a shame”, or “OK, I never saw that coming” with a smile on your face. You can then move to the next stage.


Take Your Leave

If the only reason you were talking to him is because you were interested, it is OK to admit this. If you’ve offered him your number and he’s chosen not to take it, there is clearly nothing left you can gain from talking to this man. He’s either with someone else, or you’re just not his type. Because of this, you may as well cut your losses and go about your business.

Say something simple to him such as “OK, well I’m going to go and find my friends” or “OK, I’ll see you round”. If it’s not you they want, they shouldn’t have a problem with this. They are the one that turned you down after all, now you’re going to find someone that will appreciate your time.


Don’t Let Rejection Stop You From Talking To Other Guys

You need to remember, getting rejected isn’t the end of the world. You could be the prettiest girl ever with the best personality, however you could still get rejected. Everyone is looking for something different in life, and each of us has the right to say no to someone if they’re not what we’re interested in.

Should that mean you should never try and approach another guy again? No, of course it shouldn’t. You may get rejected from one man, but another guy will feel he’s the luckiest man alive for you coming over and talking to him. Don’t let one or two bad experiences stop you from approaching guys, if there’s someone you like, then go for it.


How To Handle Rejection From A Guy Conclusion

You can get over rejection with a bit of practice. I’m not saying you should go out there and get rejected just so you can get used to it, but don’t let someone turning you down stop you from trying it with someone else. It’s not the end of the world, life goes on.

If you know why rejection happens, you more easily be able to cope with it. Remember not to take it personally, it happens. As long as you know how to make guys want you, you will be fine. That is how to deal with rejection.

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