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Does Culture Matter In A Relationship?

Does Culture Or Race Matter In A RelationshipSo, you’ve met a guy, and he seems great for you. He has a similar sense of humour, is what you find attractive, and he’s really great to be around. Only one thing though, he’s of a different race and culture to you. Does this matter?

Well, in all honesty it shouldn’t. Having said that, it can make things a little bit more difficult if your family’s very traditional, and only want you dating within your culture. So, what should you do?


My View On Culture An Relationships

My view on dating some one of another culture to you, is you should just go for it. If YOU are into this person, it shouldn’t really matter what your family or local community think. You are thinking about going out with this person for a reason (Or maybe you’re already going out with them), so that shows you feel they are right for you.

Relationships are about personal happiness. You want to be with someone who makes you happy, and adds something real to your life. If someone can do that, it shouldn’t matter what culture they come from.


What I’ve Learned About Finding ‘The One’

If you’re a believer that there is ‘the one’ out there for everyone, you’ll know that finding someone like this doesn’t come along often. Therefore, if you come across someone who could potentially be the one, you should grab this opportunity with open arms. You need to find out for yourself if this person is right for you, and you can only do this by giving them a chance.

If you let this person go because of outside influence, you’re always going to be wondering ‘what if’. What is he was the one for me. What if we could have made it work despite our cultural differences. What if he could have made me truly happy. These aren’t thoughts you want to have on your mind, as they will make you regret your decision making for a long time to come.

Furthermore, a potential long-term partner doesn’t come along very often. If you’re like me, you’ll meet a lot of people you think are nice, but they’re not a potential long-term partner. You couldn’t see yourself with them for a long time to come. Therefore, when you do meet someone with potential (Despite their race), give them a try.


Does Culture Matter In A Relationship Conclusion

So, can mixed culture relationships work? Of course they can! Yes the guy you met has a different background and heritage to you, so what? Why should this matter if the person himself seems to be just right for you? You’re the one getting into the relationship, so any other outside influences shouldn’t play a part on your decision making.

I’m not saying don’t listen to other people’s opinions, but if you feel deep in your gut that this is the right person for you, then give it a go. Culture shouldn’t play a part in stopping you from getting a boyfriend, if anything it can make it more interesting as you get to know each other better.

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