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Do Guys Only Like Skinny Girls?

Do Guys Only Like Skinny Girls?Do guys only like skinny girls? Are girls with less meat on them more attractive to the majority of guys? Does being skinny mean you won’t ever get a boyfriend? Ummm, NO!!

Guys do not only like skinny girls. This is a myth, and one that isn’t reflected in the real world. While there are some guys that like skinny girls, there are also a lot of men who like women with a more full figure. In fact, I am one of these guys.


A Lot Of Men Don’t Like Catwalk Model Type Girls

While it’s the dream of many girls to look thin and ‘pretty’ like the women you see in catwalks and fashion magazines every day, you may be surprised to know that guys have a completely different view on this.

Many men don’t like girls who are pencil thin and look like they haven’t eaten for days. Instead, many like a girl that looks like she has eaten at some point today, and doesn’t look like she needs a sandwich quick!

Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with skinny girls, but what guys find attractive and what girls find attractive are usually two completely different things. You may think that top model looks stunning on the catwalk, but chances are a lot of guys won’t. They’d want a more ‘real’ looking girl.

Ask any of your guy friends what they think, and you will see that a lot of them don’t just like skinny girls. This is real advice.


What Guys Like About Fuller Figure Women

If you’re a girl who isn’t skinny, you have one main advantage over the skinnier girls in this world: You are super comfortable when it comes to your man holding you! Instead of feeling bones sticking out when your man goes to cuddle you, they will instead feel your cuddly bits. This will make a much more comfortable cuddle for your boyfriend, and is an experience many men actually prefer. Bones are hard. You are soft and loving, just like a real woman should be.


Of Course…

While a lot of men like their girls with a bit of meat to hold onto, there are some guys who do only like skinny girls. This is their preference, in the same way you and I have a preference when it comes to our partner. Having said that, being a larger woman you won’t find a shortage of guys that would like to get with you. You just need to find the right guy for you.


Do Guys Only Like Skinny Girls Conclusion

Everyone is different, and has different taste in girls. Some men like skinny girls, others like fuller figure girls. If you’re not a skinny girl, that’s ok. There are a lot of guys who will find you attractive, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. Guys don’t only like skinny girls, a lot of them like girls with some nice meat on them.

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