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Advice On Long Distance Relationships

Advice On Long Distance RelationshipsToday, I thought I’d share some advice on long distance relationships. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. When it comes to a long distance relationship however, this isn’t always the case. At times, keeping up a relationship of this sort can be hard. Surviving a long distance relationship is tricky and very scary at times, but if you love your partner, you will find a way to make it work. Support is always handy though, so here are some tips on dealing with a long distance relationship.


Regular Communication With Your Partner

Communication is the core of every relationship, no matter how far or close of far you are. Because of the distance however, this becomes even more important as it is the only time you can get close to your partner. Always keep your communication open, and assure each other that after all this you will be able to get out of if stronger and better.

Things like Skype, emails and instant messaging has made communicating with your partner easier then ever, so my number one piece of advice on long distance relationships is to use technology to your advantage.


Surprise Them And Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Who says you can’t surprise your partner because of the distance between the two of you? Carrying out nice gestures and giving them unexpected gifts is another way to show you’re still thinking of them. For example, you could send little things such as letters or stuffed toys via a courier. It may be a bit pricey, but the way your partner will feel when they get their surprise will be priceless.


Remain Faithful To Them

At times, your long distance relationship may start to get to you. You may start feeling lonely with your partner not around, and you may even meet people that make you feel wanted. Despite this, you need to remember that you are in a relationship and being with anyone else is wrong.

Stay faithful to your partner, and hold on to the promise of return. You’re reading this because you want long distance relationships advice, and because you want your relationship to work. I urge you, don’t throw it away because of lust.

I’d advise you stay out of any situation that could lead to you being unfaithful in a moment of weakness, so never go to someone’s house (Or let them come to you) when it’d be just the two of you. Likewise, if you find someone you know attractive, try to spend as little time with them as possible.


Trust One Another

The foundation to a good relationship is trust. Always have faith in your partner, for if it is lost, all else will fail. Trust is essential to any relationship, as it is trust that holds you together. So if you love your partner despite the distance, learn to trust them. Neither of you should do anything to betray this trust, but be honest with them if you do.


Make The Effort To See Each Other

Just because you live far away from each other, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see each other here and there. Save up to go and see them, or get them to come and see you. Even if it is only a few times a year, this can make the relationship seem that bit more real, and remind you why you’re doing this. Make it a special meeting, even if it only involves staying at home in each other’s company. After being apart for so long, sometimes all you’ll want to do is get close and enjoy being around each other.


Long Distance Relationships Advice To Take Head Of

While you want your long distance relation to work, you have to ask yourself one key question: Will your relationship ever stop being long distance? If for example you’ll both be where you are for the next ten or so years, then it’ll be very hard to justify keeping the relationship going. While you may love that person, being apart for that amount of time will be too much for even the most in love of couples. If you can’t see yourself living closer together (Or together) in future, you may want to ask yourself if you should keep up this long distance relationship.

Advice On Long Distance Relationships Conclusion

Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but they are workable. If you love your partner enough, it may be worth giving it a go. Remember, time is but a number, but love is forever. I hope this advice on long distance relationships is helpful, please let us know your own experiences and advice in the comments below.

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